Welcome to HeroesEU

Below is a list of the servers exciting features. Please take a moment to read them. If what you read interests then click the download buttong above and join us in game!


- Heroes - LimitBreaks - The Quest Log - Archaeology -Blacksmithing & Smelting - DemonChests -
- The Upgrade System - The Elemental System - Achievements - Heroic Caves - Guild Leveling System -
- Player Stalls - Mounts - Maps - Items - Experience

The Heroes

Upon reaching Level 30 you may gain access to Sanctuary, the resting place of old Heroes. They will grant you with a gift, the gift to command your very own Hero!
These are AI controlled player classes that behave and act dependantly or with as much input as you choose to give them.

Heroes on this server are not like other servers, in that you may only choose 1 Hero. You may not sell them and buy more, you cannot trade them. Once you choose your Hero, it is yours and yours alone.
Heroes have a pre-determined set of skills that are learnt through the use of Heroes Books. These books are scattered throughout the various mobs and bosses within the world of HeroesEU. They cannot learn player skills.

Heores may wear ANY item a player can wear so long as the Hero meets the requirements of the item. Heroes HP/MP and stats all scale as if they were a player and represent their respective class well.


Yourself and your Hero can perform powerful skills known as LimitBreaks. To perform a LimitBreak your Hero must be wearing LimitMateria. While wearing LimitMateris your heroes LimitGauge bare willl begin to fill. Once the gauge is full it will start flashing to indicate that a LimitBreak can be performed. Simple hit CTRL+S while targeting a mob to execute your move!

Different classes create different Limitbreaks, for example a Taoist Player and a Taoist Hero will unleash LunaticHigh which will attack and green poison all mobs in a given area!
For a full list of LimitBreaks visit one of the Heroes in Sanctuary.

The Quest Log!

The server features a quest system that has been hand written from the ground up, they range from various kill quests, to collection quests, to guild enhancement quests.


There has been a new province discovered by the Sailors of Bichon, they have set up a Ferry service to this new place known as The Elder Deserts.

Once you arrive in the The Elder Deserts you will be on the first Mir3 Map expansion that ive worked on.

Your first task when here will be to find the ArchaeologistsRetreat. It is the town of the Archaeologists and the place you will learn the new profession.

The Elder Deserts consists of 9 Maps, ALL of these maps will contain DigSite's (more on this later). There will also be some nasties around... Namely, EvilWarrior/Wizard/Taoist. These are AIPlayer mobs and have a small % chance to drop what they are wearing. Because these act like PLAYER you will need to PvP them, I.E. FORCE ATTACK (holding shift). There will also be mobs around with different drops and a chance to drop some Archaeology Gear.
It costs nothing to learn Archaeology but its benefits will be so great that no player will not want to learn it. BUT. Archaeology is expensive... VERY expensive.

How it Works

You will need to buy a Shovel, killing a DigSite with a shovel will be how you "DIG" for things.

Archaeology Gear
There are 3 types of Shovel:

The better the Shovel, the better chance of finding something while digging.

Not only that but there are items of clothing that can be worn to boost your chances of finding items, these are:

Each piece of clothing grants a % increase to find items and wearing the FULL SET releases a set bonus that further increases your chance of finding items.


When you "DIG" you will be told what you have or haven't found, failure to find anything will reward you with a small amount of exp.
If your lucky enough to find something then you will be told.

The most common item that will be found will be the EncrustedObject. This item is taken back to the ArchaeologistsRetreat and a cleaner will clean it exchange some EXP for it, the amount of EXP can range from 100,000 - 500 Experience.
Some of the rarer items are:
- converted into a choice of rings
- converted into a choice of bracelets
- converted into a choice of necklaces
- converted into a choice of weapons
- converted into a choice of armours
- converted into a
choice of Holy stones
- converted into a choice of skills
- converted into a choice of Wings(more on this later)
- BraveryGem
- MagicGem
- SoulGem
- UpgradeCrystal

The rarest of the rare item is the GIFT items.


Wings are items that are worn on your Mount Slot and will provide various benefits such as DC, MC, SC. Wings will give your character a special look that im sure your all familiar with.


The MOST important part of Archaeology is the GIFTS.
These are EXTREMELY RARE items found through Archaeology. If your lucky enough to find one, take it the to Throne Of Gifts. There you will offer your gift to the spirits and in return they will add a stat to your choice of item. These are not ordinary stats! These are the NEW STATS ive been waiting to get in game for a long time.
There are 12 Gifts. Each Gift represents a STAT and they are added in terms of 1% each time (There is a LIMIT CAP)
The Gifts available and what stat they add are:

GiftOfTalos - +1% increase to current AC
GiftOfPegasus - +1% increase to current AMC
GiftOfHeracles - +1% increase to current DC
GiftOfAthena - +1% increase to current SC
GiftOfOrion - +1% increase to current MC
GiftOfKratos - +1% reduction in physical damage received
GiftOfMedusa - +1% reduction in magical damage received
GiftOfCharon - +1% of targets defence is ignored
GiftOfNarcissus - +1% of damage is reflected
GiftOfCerebus - +1% increase in attack damage
GiftOfPhineas - +1% chance to BLIND enemies
GiftOfEris - +1% chance to cause CHAOS to enemies

Smelting & Blacksmithing

Inside TheDeadMine in Bichon Province is a Blacksmith, he will train you in Smelting and Blacksmithing, this approach to the game provides an excellent use of all your useless Ores by converting them into Bars and then turning the Bars into Items! Whats even better is that crafted items have a MUCH more increased chance of having added stats!


Every monster in game has a % chance of dropping a DemonChest. To open a DemonChest you will need a DemonKey, sold by all Grocer NPC's. There are 5 types of DemonChest. Weapon, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring and Stone. Each chest has a fixed item you can choose, or you can gamble and choose to win one of the 8 items that encircle the center fixed item.

The Upgrade System

In order to upgrade an item you will need 3 things.
- A Gem
- An UpgradeCrystal
- An Item to Upgrade!

There are currently 5 Gems available. These can be found from either DemonGemChests or Smelting and they add the following stats if an Upgrade works.
- BraveryGem adds DC 0-1
- MagicGem adds MC 0-1
- SoulGem adds SC 0-1
- ProtectionGem adds AC 0-1
- EvilSlayerGem adds AMC 0-1

The UpgradeCrystal can be obtained from either the Blacksmithing Proffession or the DemonGemChest.
You have a % chance of Upgrading an item with any of the gems.
The maximum level of upgrade is +3 to ANY ITEM.
You have a % chance of BREAKING an item!
Gems and UpgradeCrystals BREAK on use, regardless of fail or success!

The Elemental System

The server makes use of some interesting new features, these include the Elements. This is how they work.
There are 3 different types of Elemental stat an item may drop with. They are Attack Element, Magic Element & Weak Element.

Attack Element: Increases the DAMAGE of an Affiliated Spell/Skill.
- MC3-4 - Fireball Spell MAX Level = -11 to -12 dmg
- With Attack Element FIRE +21 across all added items = -15 to -18 dmg
- DAMAGE increases with higher MC

Magic Element: This stat NEGATES an Attack Elements Bonus.
- Attacking Player has Attacking Element FIRE +10
- Defending Player has Magic Element FIRE +10
- Resulting damage from ANY FIRE BASED SPELLS by Attacking Player will be mitigated to do NORMAL Damage

Weak Element: This stat will increase the DAMAGE you receive from the Affiliated Elemental Spell.
- Attacking player has Attack Element FIRE +10
- Defending player has Weak Element FIRE -10
- Attacking players FIRE BASED SPELLS will be boosted to +20

Below are ALL the skills related to the classes listed by level of learnt. Any spells not listed are NOT affected by Elements.


Fireball - FIRE
Great Fireball - FIRE
Hellfire - FIRE
Thunderbolt - LIGHT
Fire Bang - FIRE
Fire Wall - FIRE
Lightning - LIGHT
Thunderstorm - LIGHT
Ice Storm - ICE
Flame Disruptor - FIRE
Flame Field - FIRE
Meteor Strike - FIRE


Healing - HOLY
Spirit Sword Poisoning - DARK
Soul Fireball - DARK
Soul Shield - DARK
Blessed Armour - DARK
Mass Healing - HOLY
Poison Cloud - DARK


Certain Quests will unlock achievments which will reward you with CustomTitles that you can select and enable from within the Achievments window.

You can also track all your Boss Kills!

Heroic Caves

90% of the original caves from Euro now have a Heroic version. Killing the Boss in a cave will unlock access to the Heroic Version. Alternativly, VIP members gain instant access to Heroic Caves.

Heroic Mobs have Double the experience of regular mob but also have Double the stats. The drop rate for items from Heroic Monsters is increased but the items remain the same. Heroic Monsters DO NOT drop different items compared to Normal Caves. Only the change to get the item is increased.

Guild Leveling System

There is a Guild Leveling System in place that enables Guilds to level up and increase the amount of members a Guild can recruit!

Player Stalls

Players may open up a stall in any safezone and sell their items while away from keyboard (AFK)


Players are able to ride mounts in game which will greatly increase your movement speed, only usable in provinces.


All the original Maps from Euro. With redone MiniMap Images


Items will have their ORIGINAL stats compared to EuroMir and details taken form the EuroMir2 Resource Site.


The experience rates will be x2 of the original experience with Heroic Cave Monsters giving double exp (x4)